Digital Media

A digital design showcase

The Digital Media degree program at the University of the West of England (UWE) needed a place to showcase their students work. The site I made them can be found at uwedigitalmedia.com.

The Brief

I was asked to produce a website that showcased the work done by Digital Media students, organised around the University’s vision of what the course would become. Whilst a more formal structure was desired for the course, UWE was proud of the creativity shown by its students and stressed that the freedom enjoyed by Digital Media students would remain. I had to balance this need for structure, with the unconstrained creativity exhibited throughout the course. Essentially, the four pillars of Digital Media had to be present, without obstructing the work being shown.

What is Digital Media?

As a former student of the course, I’ve been asked this question dozens of times. And yet, I still cannot provide a concise answer. The new leadership team of the Digital Media program faced this question too. They didn’t have a single answer, they had four: Coding, Design, Media Practice and Professional Practice would be the four pillars that would provide an academic framework that the course could operate within. These four components underpinned their vision for what the course would become.